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FLA believes that there is power in community living and mentorship and thus provides the following services:

Family Counselling

We have a team of counsellors who are available to counsel individuals, couples and families. Our counsellors have psychology training and have a track record of successfully helping families to resolve conflicts and to communicate effectively.

Mental Health Wellness Coaching and Awareness

We have a team of trained mental health professionals to coach you through difficult situations and to help you develop long-life skills to deal with difficult situations.

Educational Coach

We provide information on educational programs and institutions that offer scholarships and coaching for anyone who needs help with navigating the educational system.

Career Coaching

We provide information on job opportunities and career coaching for those who need coaching to obtain, maintain and/or explore other career fields.

Business and Entrepreneurial Coaching

For those looking to start their own small businesses, we have an expert entrepreneur coach who is available to discuss your business plan and provide you with guidance through the process of establishing your business. 

Information Gathering and Sharing

FLA is committed to seeking educational, career and legal information as pertains to immigrants and to providing this information to the general public. FLA does not currently have a legal counsellor on her team but is working on getting one.

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